Understanding the outcome of post-truth politics

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How did we end up here?

Virtually every American has asked themselves that question in the last week. Seemingly simple questions like this usually have varying answers. But one undeniable factor is the rise of misinformation.

What is post-truth politics?

It’s important to distinguish between misinformation and media…

How to separate your self-worth from your achievements.

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When it comes to our professional lives, we all want to be taken seriously and be viewed as competent, efficient, and valuable to our team, colleagues, or company. This is a basic, universal human need.

But problems arise when you begin attaching our self-worth to your levels of competency and…

What you need to know about listening to your intuition

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When the coronavirus pandemic began, this new way of life required all of us to adapt. One thing the transition did for me was strip away all the distractions I used to avoid acknowledging my own unhappiness as a doctoral student in psychology. With most worldly interruptions gone, my focus…

The psychological benefits of expressive writing

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The process of writing down your thoughts and feelings can be both therapeutic and enlightening. Maybe you’ve experienced this personally because journaling is a frequent practice. Maybe you’ve never journaled because the idea feels too vulnerable.

What is expressive writing?

Expressive writing is a practice that involves writing…

Taylor Simons, M.Ed.

Writer, storyteller, and researcher in social and health psychology. Published in Thought Catalog, Mind Cafe, and The Ascent.

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